Decentralized P2P Betting Umpire.

Stakeo is a smart p2p prediction platform that utilizes distributed ledger technology to create a secure and uncensored betting experience.

Stakeo Features



As transactions on the blockchain cannot be altered, so does created markets.

Zero Liaisons

The P2P nature of Stakeo platform eliminates the need for a centralized bookmaker.


Every activity on the blockchain is permanently stored on the blockchain.

Decentralized Process

With Stakeo, betting markets are created and resolved in a decentralized manner.

Transparency and Anonymity

Public blockchains can offer full transparency of all transactions on the network while maintaining the privacy of all its users via a pseudonym process.

Secure and Speedy Process

With the help of encryption through cryptography, no one other than the sender and the recipient can access data sent across the blockchain.

Stakeo - ASMX Group Partnership

Stakeo - ASMX Group Partnership
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Our Solution

Stakeo is developing an end to end wagering eco-system by shifting power away from the centralized betting market providers and book makers into the hands players community. We are bulding a unified gambling world on the blockchain with a complete eco-system for casual and regular bettors. This will finally become a crtitical solution for all kinds of real life betting activities to enable p2p betting, speedy transactions and over-all cost reduction; through the provision of an integrated gambling gateway module, a secured transaction environment and real time data processing using STK token, our puposefully desigend ERC20-Token. White-Paper

Our Roadmap

  • October 2017
    Market & Technology Research
  • January 2018
    Establishment of Key Team Members
  • April 2018
    Stakeo Model Development
  • October 2018
    Tech Team Formation
  • January 2019
    Announcement of Stakeo
  • February 2019
    Platform Development Begins
  • June 2019
    Official White-Paper Launch
  • August 2019
    ICO/Stakeo Prototype Launch
  • September 2019
    Public Exchange Listing
  • October 2019
    Subsequent Listings/CMC Approval
  • Febuary 2020
    Full Stakeo Platform Launch
  • March 2020
    Main-net Deployment

Stakeo Demo Application

The Stakeo p2p prediction protocol leverages on the security and efficiency of the blockchain technology to power a unique eco-system which eliminates the problems of the regular betting system. It's modular architecture will enable a smooth implementaion of new and user friendly features to effortlessly support a near-limitless, trusted and decentralized p2p prediction platform.

Stakeo prototype will consist of frontend and backend. The frontend mobile (iOS, Android) and web applications will be built to integrate new features using the latest development technologies and standards to uptimize user experience (UX). This will support the backend and smart contracts to stimulate the use of STK Tokens using virtual transaction.

Coming to Android and iOS


Meet Our Team

Roy Amatyakul
Experienced Business Development Manager with demonstrated skill in Business Development, Business Process Improvement, Business Systems Analysis, Business strategy and project management.
Farid Angchuan
A strategist and analyst with experience in project management, product development, team building, customer service delivery, business development, startegy design and implementation.
Chan Kunthong
Experienced business analyst, sales & marketing manager with specialization in customer service delivery and digital marketing.
Napatthorn Tangjit
Full-stack/Blockchain developer with cybersecurity skills, working on blockchain technologies since 2015.
Technology stack: Golang, Solidity, Hyperledger, Mithril.js, DevOps, Docker, Vue.js, Linux.
Kob Sook Thipol
Experienced in interpreting information, analysing behavioural patterns & building marketing strategies that lead to creation & implementation of successful integrated campaigns.
Specialties: Digital marketing, ICO Marketing, Customer Acquisiton & Insights, Corporate Social Responsibilty.